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Mama and me and the movies…

It’s not unusual for someone to ask me if I’ve seen any good movies lately – anyone from my hair dresser to the couple we sit next to in church. I assume everyone must go to the movies as often as I do ( I admit I average about once every week or so and have been known to go more often – only if there have been any decent releases that week).

When the Regal theater on Medlock Bridge opened about 20+ years ago, they were giving free “Regalator” cups with your drink purchase. We ended up with three of them, although somewhere along the way we have lost one. This cup gives us $1.00 drinks when we go to the concession stand. I’ve been told by one of the employees, there are only about 300 of them around (we currently wash ours by hand as if it’s Waterford Crystal).  A friend of mine once mistakenly threw it away in the trash can as she exited the theater. I ran back in to dig in the trash and retrieve it.

Getting back to the point of my story… growing up I wasn’t allowed to go to the movies. It was against “church teachings” (and that’s a whole other story). Mama and Daddy began attending this church early in their marriage, after he became a painter. But prior to this, both of them had attended movies. And Mama really loved the movies! I’m pretty sure they saw “Road to Morocco” starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour on their wedding night. (Obviously their version of a wedIMG_2168ding reception, and oh how much money you could save doing that.)

So growing up I watched many movies on TV with Mama. She loved the funny ones, and the romantic ones and, of course, most of them were from the 40’s. This was very impressionistic (big word for me – had to look it up to make sure I hadn’t made it up:) as I watched intently each and every outfit worn by the beautiful movie stars of that era – Lauren Bacall, Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rogers… fashion icons of their generation.

Recently I ran across a polaroid picture of myself, and it reminded me of a picture of Mama. I’m not sure if I was influenced more by Mama or the movies, but the similarities here are very heartwarming for me. I cherish the memories of sitting in the den with her watching those old movies, hearing her laughter, sharing a common love. Thanks for the memories, Mama…


About RealMomx2

I honestly don't like to talk about myself, and I have started trying to write something here about four times. Each time everything I say seems so lame. I'm surprised I haven't erased this yet. The name "RealMomx2" came about from wanting people to understand that just because I am an adoptive mom, doesn't mean I'm not a real mom. I can't tell you how many times my oldest daughter was asked about her "real mom". It brought out a side in me that wanted to immediately educate people on adoption or suggest they go back to kindergarten and learn basic manners. I write from my heart and from personal experience. I'm passionate about adoption. I'm blessed everyday to be called "momma". I am a woman of faith. I am loved by my heavenly Father unconditionally. He knows my failures, my achievements, my true motives, my insecurities... and He still loves me. Who could ask for more? If you'd like to know where I've worked and what I've done you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

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