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I Made It My Shelf…

I’ve heard you should use catchy titles in order to draw the reader in, so if you’re reading this I’m thinking it must have worked. My last post was 99 days ago, not that anyone out there is counting. I’m thinking my 7 followers have not been sitting around wondering when I’ll finally follow up from my last renovation post. After all, I did promise to let you know about the shelf I made from the old chest turned vanity (post from June 10, 2019).

Well here you have it… chalk paint and all. Did I mention I make my own chalk paint? I have never purchased a can of chalk paint and enjoy being able to make it into any color I desire (from Sherwin Williams or matched to any color I like). Perhaps I’ll share how I make it in another post (I’m sure no one’s ever done that).

For this project I used two of the left over pieces of wood from the top of the old vanity (from my previous post). It took quite a while to loosen the top boards – but it was worth it. The front piece of wood with the beveled corners was used for the top part of the shelf. Each piece was painted separately and then screwed together after they were waxed and ready to hang. The wide piece of wood makes an excellent backing for the flower hooks I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

With the remodel of the bathroom, we tore down the door and partial wall between the vanity area and the tub/toilet area. The long wall made the perfect location for the shelf and easy access for the towels.

While our master bath was being remodeled I used this bathroom – a good way to know if your bath actually functions well. Again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog – feel free to share, follow, copy, pin, jump for joy, whatever floats your boat …

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I honestly don't like to talk about myself, and I have started trying to write something here about four times. Each time everything I say seems so lame. I'm surprised I haven't erased this yet. The name "RealMomx2" came about from wanting people to understand that just because I am an adoptive mom, doesn't mean I'm not a real mom. I can't tell you how many times my oldest daughter was asked about her "real mom". It brought out a side in me that wanted to immediately educate people on adoption or suggest they go back to kindergarten and learn basic manners. I write from my heart and from personal experience. I'm passionate about adoption. I'm blessed everyday to be called "momma". I am a woman of faith. I am loved by my heavenly Father unconditionally. He knows my failures, my achievements, my true motives, my insecurities... and He still loves me. Who could ask for more? If you'd like to know where I've worked and what I've done you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

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