Let’s get real…

My mind is constantly churning with ideas, thoughts of how to do things better, more efficient, how to beat the car next to me at a stop light when my lane is ending, what to blog about, should I blog, will anyone read it – it just goes on and on. I’ve done quite a number of interesting and not so interesting things over my life time yet I am still wondering what I’ll be when I grow up. One day I feel like I could conquer the world and the next day I’m having a spontaneous pity party (the chocolate is flowing, no invitation required) all thanks to a question on a medical intake form about my occupation. Well I currently don’t have one, but I refuse to put “retired”, so my go to is “unemployed” (or come to my home and see how I’m not being paid for my chalk paint passion).

Behind every crazy woman…

I’m married to a wonderful man, Mike, who has put up with my crazy adventures of attempting to be an entrepreneur (recently discovering, however, from a personality test sent to me by my Psychology major daughter that I’m actually a “problem-solver” and NOT an entrepreneur). I once purchased about 6 small vending machines sized just right for small office spaces. I’m not sure it lasted a year and I felt like a complete failure, but he never judged me about it. Well, he might actually secretly think I’m crazy, but what’s not to love about my craziness?

I’ve sold handbags and accessories in office lobbies and home parties, created DVD’s for special occasions after purchasing my first Apple Desktop computer, and then decided to work at the Apple store a few months. I’ve taught elementary school, sold check verification services, medical disposable products, advertising for a telemarketing magazine and became a color analysis when it was popular (I still have a tendency to put women into a color category while listening to them).

Let me resume my resume’…

Are you tired yet? I haven’t even touched the surface. I worked for a video production company and was promoted with my final title being VP of Sales because they couldn’t afford to give me a raise, became the office manager for another video production company started by a co-worker from the last position (are you keeping up??). I later became a sales person for same company, and also given the opportunity to try my hand at producing.  At some point I got married (a little later than most) and after failed attempts to become pregnant we adopted our first daughter four years into our marriage. This would later lead me to help start a non-profit to help pregnant women and young girls make an educated decision about their pregnancy.  Ten years after our first daughter was born, we were blessed with a second daughter. By this time I was heading into a mid life crisis with no intentions of giving into it. Other circumstances and chance meetings would lead me to work for an adoption agency as a case worker, writing home studies for some amazing couples and working with birth mothers to finalize their plan for adoption.  

And the category is…


Not my first passion, but certainly my deepest. The name “RealMomX2” came about from wanting people to understand that just because I am an adoptive mom, doesn’t mean I’m not a real mom. I can’t tell you how many times my oldest daughter was asked about her “real mom”. It brought out a side in me that wanted to immediately educate people on adoption or suggest they go back to kindergarten and learn basic manners. I write from my heart and from personal experience. Did I mention I’m passionate about adoption? I’m blessed every day to be called “momma”. I am a woman of faith. I am loved by my Heavenly Father unconditionally. He knows my failures, my achievements, my true (sometimes not so pleasant) motives, my insecurities… and He still loves me. Who could ask for more?


In high school I wanted to be an Interior Designer. My dad was a paint contractor and sometimes built houses, and I was fascinated by all of it. I never shared those dreams with anyone, after all, I was too insecure to believe my dreams could actually come true. So I started college as a Music Major and later switched to Elementary Ed (and we know how that turned out). As we have lived in our house more than two decades my designer passion has evolved. We have remodeled bathrooms using my design ideas and I have completely remodeled our home. I love it so much I would do it for free. Oh wait! I have done it for free! Well, Mike does take me out for Mexican at least twice a week. Oh wait! That’s HIS favorite…

Chalk Paint

In January 2014 Atlanta was once again paralyzed by a half inch snow fall. We could not get out of our neighborhood due to ice on the steep exit from the subdivision. I had cabin fever (although we don’t live in a cabin but wish I had one). Sitting at the kitchen table in the used chairs I purchased at GoodWill, I decided they were screaming for paint. I had some sample paint and some plaster of Paris (wish I could have gone there to get it). Fortunately the “snow storm” had not caused a power outage and I was able to look up how to make chalk paint. I made it and started painting right there in the breakfast area. I haven’t turned back since. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve painted with chalk paint. There are many pieces in our home yet to be painted, just give me time…


No post yet about traveling, but this passion could get expensive. Does anyone out there want to pay for me to go on a trip and I’ll write about it?

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